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Welcome (a) to PIMEX is an online platform available in pimex.co, hereinafter "PIMEX" or "Service" or "Platform" or "Application". The Platform allows the User (hereinafter "User(s)") to organize information of potential customers or leads generated by different advertising campaigns and marketing (hereinafter "Third Party Sites Information"). The Platform organizes the potential User´s customer that shows interest in the brand, enabling a sale.

PIMEX is committed to protect the information of Users. Therefore, PIMEX respects and protects data according to current US laws and international rules that govern the management and information privacy and data protection. Users who use and enjoy PIMEX must know and accept the following Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy").

The User who log in, access or use the application PIMEX recognizes that the Privacy Policy constitute a binding and enforceable legal contract between the User and PIMEX.

1. Privacy Policy and Information Management

The User expressly authorizes PIMEX to manage the personal information entered in the Platform as follows:

(i) PIMEX can access personal data entered to the platform by the User. (ii) Update and correct the information against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, split data, misleading, or those whose treatment is prohibited or it has not been authorized. (iii) Request proof of authorization granted by the owner of the information. (iv) Submit any complain before the legal authority in case of violations of the provisions of the current regulations. (v) Revoke the authorization when the legal norms are not being accomplished. (vi) To refrain from answering questions concerning sensitive data.

The User authorizes PIMEX to use, transfer and store personal information or User Information of Third Party Sites in order to improve the Platform service.

If the User has questions regarding this Policy or about PIMEX privacy practices, the User can contact PIMEX by email support@pimex.co. The User can find the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on the website pimex.co.

2. Data Received

PIMEX may collect two types of User information:

2.1 Non-Personal Information:

Refers to the anonymous and non-identifiable information ( "Non-Personal Information"). PIMEX will not identify the Users information without login or registering in PIMEX. Non-personal information is classified in Technical Information and Behavioral Information, as detailed below:

2.1.1 Technical information

  • Type (Windows, Linux, etc ..) operating system

  • Type of browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc ...)

  • Screen resolution (eg 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, etc...)

  • Keyboard and browser language (e.g. English)

  • IP address

  • The computer configuration, settings and other technical data or similar information.

2.1.2 Behavior Information

  • The links when the User is navigating on the application.

  • The Information related to the User activities in the application; admission date, the access time, among other information.

  • Other information related to the User behavior in the Application.

2.2 Personal information

Refers to the individual private information ("Personal Information"). Personal Information collected by PIMEX consists of personal data entered voluntarily by the User:

2.2.1 Profile Settings:

The user creates a profile within the Platform entering the existing email address and password. It must be confidential.

Information of Third Party Sites:

Refers to the Third Party Sites once is authorized the connection PIMEX. The Third Party Sites Information is subject to Terms of Use and Private Policies of Third Applications.

3. Information of the User

PIMEX receives the information in four steps:

  • At the time of sign in or log in in the Platform

  • When the User creates the account on the Platform

  • When the connectivity is done between the account and the Third Party Sites

  • When the user loads any information for the Platform.

4. Purpose of Receiving Information

The purpose of PIMEX receiving information is:

4.1 Non-Personal Information

  • To improve the User Experience

  • To acknowledge the preferences of Users and general trends.

4.2 Personal information

  • Allow the operation of the Application.

  • Customize the User experience.

  • Provide Users certain information and services.

4.3 Other information

The User authorizes the Platform to manage the Third Party Sites Information and agrees that certain information has been defined as private in the Third Party Sites. This information may become public through the Platform in case the User has accepted, defined and notified as such.

5. Personal Information and Third Parties Sites

PIMEX only can share personal information from Users in the following events: (a) In compliance with the law a legal inquiry or legal request; (b) In research to breach of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (c) To detect or prevent any fraud or technical issues; (d) To respond any claim related to a copyright violation; (e) To respond complains about unauthorized information (e.g. phone number, name, etc.) of a third party that has been published in the Application; (f) To protect the Users general public rights, property or personal safety; (g) Merger or acquisition or other process that involves the purchase of assets of PIMEX; (h) To provide a service requested by the User in relation with the data; (i) To collect, maintain and manage personal information from Users or information storage in the cloud, which are located in different countries.

6. Advertising

The User agrees that PIMEX may use its contact information in order to inform about offers or promotions that may interest the User. The User allows receiving advertisements and other marketing materials. PIMEX can send the information to the email address provided by the User.

The User can unsubscribe to receive marketing material at any time by sending a notice by email that was sent with the advertising. PIMEX is not responsible for the content of those ads or the content related to the products or services provided by third parties.

7. Changes in Personal Data

The User can modify or delete the Personal Information and Settings Application Profile at any time. Also, the User can at any time modify the authorization of connectivity to Third Party Sites. The User authorizes PIMEX to preserve and archive it´s Personal Information after canceling the registration and wishing to renew the service.

8. Cookies and Local Storage information

By accessing or using the application, PIMEX can use technologies such as "cookies" (or similar technologies), which stores certain information on the Users computer ("Local Storage"). Allows automatic activation of certain features and better use of the service.

cookies used in the service are created per session, does not include any information about the User, except the session password, which is removed at the end of the session in the Application (usually after 24 hours). Most browsers allow the User to erase cookies from the hard drive, block cookies of acceptance, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. To delete or disable the Local Storage, the User must use the configuration option according to the instructions provided by the technology provider. However, if the User blocks the cookies or deletes them, the experience online of the User can be limited.

PIMEX can use certain third-party cookies each time the User visits the application or when visiting other websites that use similar cookies without fluctuating the Service of the Platform. The third-party cookies are stored only as Non-Personal Information, such as history of websites visited, and duration of browsing, etc.

9. Security

PIMEX provides and maintains secured the Users information. PIMEX ensures that no unauthorized third parties can access the application through industry standard technologies and internal procedures, including the use of symbols and encryption mechanisms. However, PIMEX does not guarantee that unauthorized access will never occur.

10. Third Party Sites

While the User is using the Application it can appear links to other websites ("Third Party Web Sites"). Users should note that these web sites are independent Third Party Platforms and PIMEX does not assume responsibility or liability regarding to privacy or legal terms. PIMEX recommends Users to read carefully Private Policy and Terms of Use of Third Party Websites.

PIMEX can use software or Third Party Web Sites to collect or process information for purposes of statistics or analysis of User behavior. For example, use applications or tools like Google Analytics, among others.

11. Changes in Privacy Policy

Any User information is governed by the Terms and Conditions and Private Policy. PIMEX reserves the right to modify such documents and encourage the User to visit this page frequently. In case of any material change, PIMEX will endeavor to post a notice of such amendment in the application.

Any changes to the Privacy Policy shall take effect from the "last update" however the service will continue and the User must accept the revision.

12. General

In case of any dispute between the User and PIMEX regarding the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, the parties can initiate a claim before the Court of the US state of Delaware and accept that such Court competent to resolve such dispute. The laws of the State of Delaware govern the Terms and Conditions.

13. Concerns or questions Users

If you have any questions ( or comments ) about the Privacy Policy , the User can send an email to the following address: support@pimex.co , PIMEX will respond shortly.

Newark, Delaware, U.S. 2035 Sunset Lake Road, Suite B-2 zip code 19702 and county of New Castle.

Last Updated : June 6, 2016